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"God's Behaving Badly"
Hand Photo Double Columbia Pictures
"I'd Kill For You" Principal NBC Peacock
"The Food Detectives" Principal The Food Network
"The Three Nymphos" Principal Nigel Bellis Productions
"Can You Tell" Principal Oxygen
"Domestic Violence" Principal PBS/Kurt Daniels
"One Life to Live" Featured A.B.C.
"12 Angry Viewers" Day Player MTV
"Teens Talk" Host/Field Reporter NBC/Lise Mosel
"Blue Bloods" Photo Double/Stand In CBS
"White Collar" Stand In USA/TVM Productions
"The Beautiful Life" Stand In CBS Productions/Exec Producer Ashton Kutcher
"The Good Wife"
"Law and Order SVU"
Featured Series Regular Stenographer CBS, NBC, CBS
Conflicts upon request
"Uno, Dos, Trés Proud to be Latin" Principal
"Style Studio Rebecca Minkoff" Principal VH1/Yahoo
Abbot Vascular Spokes Person
Nova Hair Systems Hair Model Joico & Ice/L'Oréal/Proctor & Gamble
Safeway Store Shopper Training Video
United Stations Hired Improvisational Caller, The Village Pantry, C.U.N.Y., Bank One, Citigroup International, Harrah's Hotel/Casino, Planet Java, Lancome, Chevy, Party 24 and various international books, language guides, and smart phone applications
"Jekyll and Hyde" Various Jekyll and Hyde Club
"Master Class" Sophie De Palma R. L. T./Tony De Geiso
"Madison Scare Garden" Sewer Urchin/70s Zombie Madison Square Garden/Lynton V. Harris
"The Nutcracker" Show Chorus Nevada Festival Ballet/Maggie Banks
"The Magic Flute" Dancing Beggar/Chorus Reno Opera/Katherine Deboer
"Artist Descending a Staircase" Martella Nevada Rep. /Paul Kieser
"Starburst" Pectoralis/Nurse Flamingo Hilton/Ricki Price
"Smile" Kate Gardner Nevada Rep. /Dr. Bob Dillard
"Christmas Carol" Ghost of X-mas Past/Chorus Reno Little Theatre/Tony De Geiso
"The Boyfriend" Nancy Booth Street Players/Sabrina Celucci
"Talk Radio" Linda Gothic North/Julie Robertson
"Grease" Rizzo Albuquerque Little Theatre/Paul Ford
"Chorus Line" Morales Albuquerque Little Theatre/Paul Ford
"Jesus Christ Superstar" Mary Albuquerque Little Theatre/Paul Ford
"The Diary of Anne Frank" Anne Frank/Mrs. Frank Eisenhower Theatre/Camilla Rowe
A.M. New York Front Page Down Days for Night Life
Ladies Home Journal Featured Model Irrational Fears Article
Woman's World Featured Personal success story
Promotional/Trade Show/Spokes Modeling/Emcee
American Laser Skincare, L'Oréal, Proctor & Gamble, Nivea, Citibank, Citigroup International, Harrah's Hotel and Casino, Tribeca Film Festival, Radio Unica, American Express, Marlboro, Neddicks, Zico, New York Times, Boomers.com, Video Now, HI C, Nokia, Purina, Robosapien, Cingular, Ford, Chrysler, Olay, Jeep Chrysler, Coffee Mate, O.K. magazine, Reebok, Absolut, Chivas Regal, Care Bares and Firefly.

Market Manager for Absolut (Create a Crush) Budweiser, Heineken, Modelo (Especial and Negra), Gold Toe, Clamato, L.G., Pixman, H.P.,General Mills, Manzanita Sol , Jamba Juice and Washington Mutual.

Assistant manager of Events at Harrah's Hotel/Casino. Borough Manager for Take Care New York. Regional director for Lock and Key Events

Emcee for Go For Red (American Heart Association), Abbot Vascular L.G. Electronics, Nutrilite and Baby Ruth.

The Juilliard School
Lynette Sheldon Actor's Studio
University of Nevada, Reno
Vocal/Sight (Susan Eichhorn, Helen Lee, Dodi Protero, Joyce McLean, Leslie Giamanco and Julie Liston)
Dance (Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Flamenco)
Special Skills
Singing/Dancing - All forms

Former Lead Singer of Blondie Cover Band "Sunday Girl" www.myspace.com/sundaygirlny

Fluent in English and Spanish/Semi-fluent in French and Italian/Basic Korean including reading - Various accents

Listen, Improvisation, Stenography, Roller/Ice skating, Yoga, Pilates, Long distance runner, Licensed Driver

Palm reading, Tarot, Mime, Clown experience (balloon sculpting, face painting), Mascot experience, Good with children and animals.

Costume characters (cheerleader, Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Rock Star, Velma from Scooby Doo, sexy nurse, French maid, clown, nun, Marilyn Monroe, Wonder Woman, Bubby and formal wear).